Oscars trying to sit at the Cool Kid’s table.

So the Oscars announced that “change is coming.” They are adding a new category for popularity. Yes an award for the most popular film. It’s about god damn time!

Vanity Fair “They are adding a new category for outstanding achievement in popular film. This marks the first time a new category has been announced since 2001, when best animated feature was added to the awards slate.

Many elitist actors like Rob Lowe are PISSED.

RobLowe Twitter “The film business passed away today with the announcement of the “popular” film Oscar. It had been in poor health for a number of years. It is survived by sequels, tent-poles, and vertical integration.

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Really “Iron Man” What, your Superhero movies are SUCH ART that them being called popular is blasphemy? Guess what they were popular. And, you could have had a seat at the cool kids table but guess what.. You get to eat lunch alone now.

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The Best Picture Award is a joke. It should be renamed The Least seen Movie award. Or the Made no Money award. Or the Artsy Ass Elitist POS award! You haven’t, I haven’t.. No one has seen any of the recent “Best Pictures.”Shape of Water? Yeah no, Old Gregg didn’t need a sequel. Moonlight? Nope. Spotlight? Funny. Birdman? Is that about the Eagles owner? I agreed with Hurtlocker, Argo and 12 Years a Slave.

But… Now WE HAVE A VOICE! We have a say in WHAT IS POPULAR. (That’s if you are a cool kid ya know.) I am so excited for the type of movies going forward that have a chance to win this award!

Just think of the movies in the past that could have won… The Wolf of Wallstreet, Warrior, Inception, Wedding Crashers, The Hangover, Team AMERICA, Superbad, Anchorman, Super Trooper’s, Something About Mary, Old School… STEP BROTHERS!

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I could keep going but I think you get the point. Movies that we actually watch, that we actually enjoy now have a chance to win, a chance to be in the spotlight. Not just the artsy fartsy people movies that us cool popular never see.

So Rob Lowe and the rest of you in Hollywood, get off your high horse and join us at the popular kids table, we will save you a seat… I promise it will be more fun. #YOLO

-Kevin “That Popular Guy”

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