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It Looks Like Chris Sale is Healthy and Still Your A.L. Cy Young

You feel that? That warm, tingly feeling pressed up against the zipper of your shorts.

I feel it too. It’s the feeling you get when Chris Sale scales the mound and demoralizes every batter in front of him. In episode 12,473 of “Chris Sale is Better Than You” Sale took it upon himself to give Red Sox fielders the first 5 innings off during Sunday’s game in Baltimore.

Sale recorded 12 K’s in a short 5 innings before he was pulled by Cora, in part to manage his innings to begin preparations for a World Series run, but more so, just to give the Orioles a chance.

But we all know the Orioles never had a chance after being so embarrassed in the first couple times around the order.

There is no coming back from this.

Side Note: I’d like to shout out the Red Sox twitter account. It has to be the biggest turn around of a franchise since the Pats got Belichick. Great stuff from their social team.

But back to Sale.

This virtuoso of his craft spent most of the first half of the season as a top-3 Cy Young candidate, which has become standard operating procedure for the 29-year-old (yes, he’s only 29).

However, it’s what Sale has done in his last 7 starts that has pissed on any other pitcher’s hopes of stealing the coveted award.

I can’t imagine how frustrating it must be to know you have to go try something over and over again knowing that you will fail. That’s what hitters are being forced to do every time they face Sale.

The most impressive thing Sale did Sunday wasn’t the 12 K’s in 15 outs, nor was it his ability to crank it back up to 99 in his first start off the DL.

Chris Sale did the impossible and made Chris Davis look worse than he ever has before.

Here’s Davis thinking “there’s no way my career could get worse at this point” and then Sale stares him down as to say “hold my beer”.

When Chris Sale eventually hoists the Cy Young trophy, or likely just put it in an old box in his basement next to an empty 12-pack, it will be the first time in his career he’s won it. Is that not ridiculous?

For reference, since becoming a regular starter in 2012, Sale has been in the top 6 of voting. He’s finished in the top 3 twice.

It’s very similar to watching the first 5 seasons of Game of Thrones knowing Jon Snow is the true King in the North, but he wasn’t crowned until season 6. Just like in Thrones, the North remembers and just like Jon Snow, king is not what Sale wants.

Sale wants a ring. And now that the Sox have a competent manager it looks like Sale should be plenty fresh to make that happen in October.

P.S. Oakland is 8-2 in their last 10 and nipping at the Yankees heels. It’d be a real shame if they caught them. A real shame.

Feature Image – @Cut4 on Twitter




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