Friday Night Frights!

Happy weekend everyone!

As I’ve stated many a time, I love horror movies and will talk about them as much as I possibly can. To me, there’s few things better than after a long week of work, getting home on Friday evening, turning off the lights, lounging with the girlfriend (or boyfriend if you prefer…both?), having some snacks and watching a good horror flick.  This gave me the idea to start a new weekly article called “Friday Night Frights” (yes play on “Friday Night Lights”, this is a sports heavy page after all). 

The idea is that each Friday, I will suggest a (more so underrated/lesser known) horror movie that is on Netflix (therefore I know the majority of people will have access to it) that you should check out that night, or just the next night you decide to be a hermit and stay in for the night. Also, based on how almost everyone who read my post on “A Quiet Place” (view here) enjoyed the line “to the point of an onscreen cough making your butthole pucker”, I decided that a butthole pucker rating system (1-5 butthole puckers) would be a perfect way to rate horror movies. That being said, my first edition of “Friday Night Frights” is going to be about a movie that is well known to horror buffs but probably not as much to the casual viewer. Tonight, I suggest you check out “Creep”.

This movie is an absolute must see, especially if you’re a horror fan. The premise is that a videographer (named Aaron and played by Patrick Brice) is hired to record a dying man’s (named Josef and played by Mark Duplass) messages to his unborn son. However, pretty much right from the get-go you start to feel uneasy about Josef and as the story progresses, you’ll start to see why Aaron begins questioning his intentions. The uneasiness doesn’t let up for the entirety of the movie. This movie is a different type of scary and that’s why I like it. Yes, it has it’s jump scare moments as most horror movies do, but the main source of fear is the constant state of uneasiness and the amount of times you think “noooope” and “fuck that”. The story is fantastically written by Duplass and Brice, and it plays out in a way that will even have you questioning Josef and wondering what the hell is going on. First, you’re like “Wow this guy is really freakin strange”. Then you think, “Ok maybe he really is just an overly affectionate and loving person, looking for a true bromance before he dies”, and it just goes back and forth so much that like Aaron, you don’t know what in the hell to think. If you think you’re confused, just wait until you meet peach fuzz. And no, I’m not talking about what’s on my nut sack.

The slow build full of uneasiness, followed by the great climax (who doesn’t love one of those) and falling action makes this movie a must watch for any horror fan. So, if you don’t have any plans and are wondering what exactly to watch tonight I highly suggest you log into the Netflix account that you aren’t paying for (let’s face it, we all share that shit) and search for “Creep”. I promise you will not be disappointed.


Rating: 4 Butthole Puckers ****

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