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Follow Friday: Tiger Woods Legion

Let’s face it, golf is all about one man.

Since Tiger has come into the game it’s been all about him. That’s never going to change for all you Tiger haters. Guy puts asses in seats. And after what Tiger did at The Open people we’re we’re excited than ever for the PGA Championship. The main issue with golf on is that 1. it happens in the middle of the work day on Thursday and Friday. 2. It takes all day so if you have a honey-do list watching can get tough. That is why you NEED to be following Tiger Woods Legion

They are going to give you live Tiger tracking, shot for shot, videos and even leader board updates.

Even if you are lucky enough to be watching every shot from the comfort of your couch you sjhould still have your twitter open to TWL for Tiger entertainment.

So do use a favor and pop on to twitter and give Tiger Woods Legion a follow. Tiger tees off today at 2:48 EST, that means you haven’t missed any of the action yet. Go give them a follow asap and turn on their notifications as well.




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