Yanks Full of First’s (Except 1st Place)

Earlier this week I wrote a Yanks article (New Sox) and I said that the Yankees needed to put being swept by Boston behind them and move on.

Oh, did they move on!! First game Lance Lynn dominated and made his First start and got his First win in Pinstripes! Lance went 7.1 innings. Striking out 9 and walking 1. He only allowed 2 hits and didn’t let a run cross the plate.

Image – Pinstripe Alley

Game two of the series was a bit different. With two more First’s, one bad one good.

C.C. put in work against the White Sox. Going 5.2 only allowing 4 hits and 1 ER. And, for the First time this season he struck out 12 batters. (Previous High was 10.) They were tied 1-1 when Giancarlo Stanton put a charge into the ball and made it 3-1. Britton comes in for the save… And serves up a 2 run home run of his own, tie game and his First blown save in pinstripes. However the young bats of the Yankees would come through and win the game 4-3 in 13.

Then last night Sevy was back. He went seven strong innings, did allow 3 runs but struck out 8. He looked more like the ace we are used to seeing than the shell of it that was seen in Boston. Also last night Giancarlo Stanton hit another home run but it was his First Grand Slam as a Yankee and First since 2014.

Yanks took the brooms from the Red Sox and swept up Chicago with them. Like I said this month they need to be the Bronx Bullies. They don’t play a team over .500 until the big series with Oakland in September.

3-0 since I named them the Bronx Bullies. Lets keep this train rolling along against Texas at home. And, maybe.. just maybe (probably, defiantly not) The other Sox in Boston will stumble and the Yanks can take over First place.

Gif – amp

-Kevin “That Guy”

Image – Pinstripe Alley

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