The Little League Pitcher Gets Cucked

Yesterday during a little league game between Rhode Island and Massachusetts some Masshole smoked a homer off this kid from Rhode Island. As he was rounding third and heading home the pitcher from Rhode Island tries to give the kid a high five.

Right from the jump I’ll tell you I’m bias. I hate the Little League World Series. Pile of garbage. I don’t care about these kids even a little bit. Any time I say that, someone always brings up that some of these kids make it to the majors and ESPN shows highlights from them in little league. Still don’t care. I only care when they are bigger leaguers crushing a 99 mph fastball 500 feet into the parking lot. Let me put it this way. Do you care about a cow’s ass when it’s grazing a field, no, no you don’t. You just want that steak medium-rare by the time it hits your plate.

Now on to this pitcher. This kid sucks, plain and simple. His dad is in the stands shaking his head with the biggest look of embarrassment on his face. That Masshole hit that ball so hard, the only place it is landing is in that pitcher’s nightmares. This kid is 10000% growing to be a guy that let’s his wife sleep with over men. He’ll say it makes her happy and that makes him happy. Not true. Kid has no heart and is going to get walked on his whole life. Facts are facts.

Good luck in the next round Massachusetts!!



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