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Hey Fellas, Are You Projecting Your Views On Women Via Oral Sex

Hey fellas, lets start to take a good hard look at ourselves in the mirror.  We need to start asking women what they like, what feels good for them.  What turns them on.  Stop doing oral sex the way you want and start doing it the way they want.  Maybe you’re good at the fat tongue, maybe you’re good with skinny tongue, maybe you do the up-down lick method, maybe a little car wipers action.. You know what I mean


But it doesn’t matter what you’re good at, it matters what she likes.  Maybe she likes the wipers and you do up-down have you thought to ask her?  Have you thought to try something new to make her happy?  You know what I always say, “Please onto others as you would have others please on to you.”

Enough of us men trying to control women with our old-fashioned ways of oral sex.  Rosa Parks did not sit on that bus for you to decide how she would be pleased.  Billie Jean King did not beat that guy in tennis so you could lick her fat tongue when she likes the skinny tongue.  I want to make a vow to my lady and all ladies around.

I vow to not leave the bedroom until my jaw feels like it’s been through 10 rounds with Mike Tyson.  I vow to ask you what you like, to desire you, to please you and to no longer control my tongue but to allow you to control my tongue.  I vow to break my neck if needs be to please you, to cause un-nerving and painful neck spasms to give you orgasms.  This I vow to you.

Gents follow my lead on pleasing women, loving women, and earning women.  Dont do it for you, do it for the single mothers out there who went through 15 years of awful sexless marriage who just have memories from high school, everyone told her not to get married out of high school and have kids right away, but do it for her!  Do it for the men who cant do it, im talkin wheelchairs.  Do it because it’s whats right, do it for equality.  It’s time to make the world a better place, it’s time to break barriers.  Go out there, and lick some gash like you are told too.

God Bless and Go Lick.




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