Red Sox Win Their 80th And I Have A Confession


I’m from Philadelphia, all the old time Philly sports fans say you have to hate Boston. Everything Boston. Celtics, Red Sox, Boston cream pie, clam chowda, etc. but I have a confession to make…..I love Boston. And that includes the Red Sox. Everyone already knows I have a giant man crush on Tom Brady but if you’re being honest with yourself you do too. He perfect.

So with that all being said I wanted to weigh in on this Red Sox team. Last night they beat the Blue Jays 10-7. JD had another homer and 4 more RBIs. The guy has roughly two thousand RBIs this season (93 but that’s still a lot). The win was their 80th on the year. The stats on this team are nuts:

– The Red Sox are 80-34 (.702), their most wins ever through 114 games

– Since going 13-13 from April 21-May 18, the Sox are 50-19 (.725)

– Boston is 24-5 (.828) in its last 29 games

– They would have to finish the year 0-48 to end the season under .500

I hate that my grand parents decided to live in the suburbs of Philadelphia and not New England. That sign kid could have been me. I could be walking around Boston right now in my Red Sox cap saying this like “Sox hit anothah dingah!! Let’s go to the bahh and get shattahed!” Seems like a real delight. I’ll just sit here and hope the Phillies can fight their way through the NL just to get swept by Boston in the World Series. Woooooo.

– JP

Featured Image – Fox Twitter

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