Kyrie Isn’t Going Anywhere

I’ve bitten my tongue and ignored this storyline far too long. I want you to read these words and let them sink in real deep.


Ever since Kyrie was linked to the Knicks prior to his trade to Boston, idiots around the country have speculated that he will end up in New York.

They’re wrong.

Even if Kyrie were to leave the Celtics at the end of this season, I’ll tell you where he sure as hell is not going. New York. The Knicks have been one of the more underwhelming franchise to ever be considered a prolific one. And the last decade has done nothing to change that narrative. The unicorn Porzingis doesn’t even move the needle for free agents when they read the names that fill out the roster.

Plus, Knicks fans, can we get a little self reflection out of you guys? Do you really think the Knicks won’t fuck this up, even if they had a legitimate chance at Kyrie?

Some people may say it doesn’t matter. The heart wants what the heart wants and that’s New York. And those people continue to pull at straws as to why Kyrie may have an infatuation with being a Knick.

If you really look into it, he seems pretty happy in Boston. He’s got roots in the city, growing up around the BU facilities and receiving a scholarship from them at a young age before he clocked 11 quick games at Duke before going to the league.

The Celtics also offered him what he wanted by requesting a trade from Cleveland. They gave him the keys to the car and said drive.

Anyone trying to turn nothing into something says that it’s Brad Stevens team and that bothers Kyrie.

To this I say, even if it is Stevens’ team, he doesn’t play. Kyrie is the one on the court crossing up every Knick in sight while Stevens sets pick and roll plays to get Kyrie the space he needs to be great.

I would say the fact that Kyrie is going Stevens for family dinner (I assume a nice steak and a fine wine) means that things are going swimmingly between the two superstars at their position.

Competitors respect winners and that’s what both of them are. Kyrie is one of the more underrated clutch players in the game and Stevens is quickly becoming the most clutch coach in the league with his end-of-game plays. It’s a perfect marriage that only seems to get stronger by the day.

I’ll end this with the only number that makes me slightly nervous I may be wrong on this matter (I’m not by the way).

I don’t know how, but Vegas always seems to know everything.

With that being said, the Celtics have more than double the odds of Knicks to have Kyrie past this season. So there’s a little solace in Vegas’ prediction despite it being Knicks fans new favorite straw to clamor for to wish this into existence.

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