HOT TAKE: 2018 NFL “Comeback Player of the year” will be… Tavon Austin!

The NFL Comeback Player of the Year Award is one that a player doesn’t want to win… But if they do it is pretty awesome.  If you win this award that means the year before you were either hurt, out of football or stunk.  But, if you win the award that means you have either turned your career around or are fully back healthy and flat out kicked ass.

Wikipedia“The National Football League Comeback Player of the Year Award refers to a number of awards that are given to a National Football League (NFL) player who has shown perseverance in overcoming adversity, in the form of not being in the NFL the previous year, a severe injury, or simply poor performance.”

Some previous winners of the award have been, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Steve Smith, Gronk, Eric Berry, Jordy Nelson, Philip Rivers and many more.  All of those guys are kick ass players and any football player would want to be in their company.

This season I am predicting a breakout, Comeback Player of the Year caliaber season from the Dallas Cowboys, Tavon Austin.  In college at WVU Austin was a star with the ball in his hands.  He rushed for 1,033 yards and 6 TD’s, had 288 receptions for 3,413 yards and 29 touchdowns… Beast numbers.  Oh, and add in 2,840 combined return yards with 5 touchdowns and you have a first round selection.

Tavon was selected 8th overall in the 2013 NFL Draft by the then St. Louis Rams.  In five seasons Tavon has 194 receptions for 1,689 yards and 12 TD’s.  1,238 rushing yards with 9 TD’s and 1,356 punt return yards and 3 TD’s.  For a guy with his talent those are underwhelming numbers.  Last years was even worse… He only had 13 catches for 47 yards with no touchdowns.  270 rush yards with 1 TD and 53 punt return yards with no TD’s in 9 games started.  Yup… That screams 2018 comeback.

During this past NFL Draft Tavon Austin was traded to MY Dallas Cowboys.  YES.  I was thrilled then and I am even more excited now.  I keep seeing nothing but MONEY coming out of Cowboys camp about Austin.  He is healthy.. He is in shape.. He is motivated.. Focused.. And ready to BALL. OUT.

Play a little running back?  Sure.  Line up in the slot?  Absolutely.  Yo Tavon, stretch the field.. He got you.  Why not throw an end around in there? MONEY.  Also.. Gonna have that punt return game on lock down!

First… I mean read his quote but look at those FOCUSED eyes!

This is EXACTLY what I want to hear and EXACTLY what will lead him to success and the 2018 NFL Comeback Player of the Year.

GRIND, GRIND, GRIND… That’s all he’s doing.

Then, when you take all that focused energy add all that grinding and top it off with betting on yourself you get..

Ya’ll better be ready for the Tavon show:

Finally… The guy has the trust of QB1.  And that, is all I need to know…

Think what you want.  Say what you will.  But I believe in Tavon, Dak believes in Tavon, the Cowboys believe in Tavon.  But, most importantly… Tavon believes in Tavon.  When a man is knocked down, but gets back up hungry, in a better situation and more motivated than ever… Ohhhh that’s a scary thing.  Watch out NFL.  The Tavon show is coming to a city near you soon!

Go get it 10.

-Kevin “That Guy”

Feature Image – Twitter Tayaustin01

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