Yanks just needed a change of Sox!

The Yankees followed directions from Lt. Dan last night:

“I want you boys to remember to change your socks wherever we stop” -Lt. Dan

Image – Sipsey Street

But what he really meant was Sox! New city.. New Sox.. Back to the old Yanks.

It’s time to forget about Thursday-Sunday and move onto Monday! Yes, they got swept. Yes, they didn’t hit. No, I don’t know why Shane Robinson was playing either. But it’s over… Move on!

…And move on they did. To the South Side. On to the other Sox, the White Sox. Just what the doctor ordered. The White Sox went into the game 41-70… I smell blood in the water.

Yanks are coming off getting swept by their Beantown rivals and on a five game losing streak. Here is where the rubber meets the road, when your back is against the wall. Now is where you show us your true colors and what kind of team you are.

Lance Lynn… You beautiful man Lance Lynn. Made his first start as a Yankee. After Brian Cashman read my Sonny Gray article last week and moved his ass to the bullpen. (Keep smilin’ Sonny.)

Image – Twitter DaveFurst

Lance went 7.1 innings. Striking out 9 and walking 1. He only allowed 2 hits and didn’t let a run cross the plate. Yankee fans couldn’t have asked for a better start. After Sonny, CC, Sevy and Tanaka all got early hooks the bullpen needed a rest.

Lynn was helped out by RBI’s from Hicks, Torres and Didi to make it 4-0. Then two home runs in the 7th by Torres and Walker opened the game up to 7-0.

The Yanks went on to close out the game and win by that score, breaking the five game losing streak. Again, just what the doctor ordered. Yes, the White Sox stink… But the Yanks need every W they can get.

Image – Twitter BronxPinstripes

The division is basically out of reach so they need to focus on getting ready for the one game Wild Card, and making sure it’s in the Bronx.

After this series the Yankees continue to play losing ball clubs, and they need to take full advantage of it. Playing the Rangers, (1 vs the Mets) the Rays, Blue Jays, Marlins, O’s, White Sox again, and Tigers. Before a big series with Oakland, which is a possible Wild Card game preview.

The Yankees need to play the bully over the next month. Get right by beating up on weaker teams and get ready for October. Get Judge and Sanchez healthy, get Sevy right and hope Lynn can continue to be a spark in the rotation. Yesterday we were down and out… But today we are right back in it.

Gif – giphy

You can’t keep us Yanks fans down for long. We always (even if we are delirious) believe.

Now let’s see those “Bronx Bombers Bullies”

Kevin “That Guy”

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