We don’t want to be ranked, we want the trophy.

One would think after the most recent Super Bowl that people would stop overlooking Philadelphia teams.  The Eagles were one of the best teams in the league from beginning to end.  People kept saying, “The quarterback is too young, and this success won’t last.” Well, before Wentz got hurt he was the league MVP!  Wentz was putting up crazy numbers.  After they saw that Wentz was a beast as he continued to pick apart defenses, the haters moved to a different excuse.  “The Eagles haven’t played a team with a winning record soo they still aren’t that good.”  Another excuse for people to still hate.

We’re from Philly, no one likes us and we don’t care!!  Against the Rams Wentz goes down and Foles replaces him.  Foles did not look the best, and it was a bit scary, but NOW was the real reason we wouldn’t do anything.  Our MVP quarterback is out for the season and now we have to settle for backup Nick Foles.  Well, BDN comes in and does what he has to to get to the playoffs, and once he got there he tore it UP!!! You all know this so I’ll stop because the EAGLES WON THE SUPER BOWL AND NO ONE PICKED US TO WIN ANY PLAYOFF GAMES!  Oh yeah, and our defense was a damn juggernaut, so that helped a little too.

No one likes us, we don’t care.

Rhys fired back at the most recent ESPN top 10 rankings saying, “Anyone remember what happened the last time a Philly sports team was an underdog? #hungrydogs.”


Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 7.28.45 PM
Bleacher Report

No respect!  According to different preseason predictions the Phillies were picked to finish 4th in the NL East.  4th ?! Did they not know who else was in the NL East?  The Phillies have no stars, the pitching is weak, Gabe Kapler has stupid ideas that don’t work.  What the hell are analytics?  YEAH, YEAH, we’ve heard it all.

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The Phillies are one of the hottest teams in baseball right now. We have Nola shutting down opposing batters and Hoskins hitting moon shots. Things are looking good for the guys in red pinstripes (the best kind of pinstripes).  The GM, Matt Klentak, is making great moves improving the roster as we head into the final stretch.  We may be praising Klentak over Hinkie soon.  Well, maybe not, because Hinkie died for our sins!  But, the Phillies are the real deal and us fans need to start selling out the “BANK,” just like we did from 2007-2009.

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Philadelphia, start getting excited because the Phitans are gearing up for a huge run.  Don’t be the fan that jumps on the wagon in October.  Get on now. This is going to be a fun ride!  Go buy those tickets and LETS GET CITIZENS BANK PARK ROCKIN AGAIN!!!

Brian Dawkins, if you read this, can you please make a pump up speech for the Jumbotron?  That HOF speech the other night made me turn into the HULK, damn near ran through my wall.

Remember, two cubes, not three,

Vacay OUT!

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