Oh the Browns..

So everyone was dreaming of the Browns having one of the most dynamic wide receiving corps in the league… Sigh.

They traded for Jarvis Landry and signed him to a five year deal worth $75 million. Browns fans started to get a little excited. And they should Landry can be a stud (especially in PPR Fantasy leagues.)

Then there is good old Josh Gordon. One of the most athletically gifted receivers in the league. But can’t lay off the weed. He was re-instated and looked good.

But then…

abc NewsDays before opening training camp, the Cleveland Browns learned Josh Gordon will be missing again. For how long remains unclear.”

Image – abc News

Teammates are saying that Gordon is “close” to a return and he is fully part of this team. But, we have heard this before. He’s out of camp and don’t let anyone lie to you… That’s a distraction and hurts chemistry.

Then there is 2016 First Round pick from Baylor, Corey Coleman. Another disappointment so far. The kid has so much talent but can’t stay healthy. (I picked him twice in fantasy and I’m still salty.) However, he has a chance for a big bounce back year.

But, it’s not going to be in Cleveland. The Browns traded the WR for a bag of balls (2020 7th round pick) this week. WHY couldn’t the Cowboys have made that trade? But, now that is another talented WR.. Gone.

Image – Boston Herald

Now breaking news from Schefty…

Another promising (rookie) WR that won’t be on the field. The Browns took a flyer on Callaway because he couldn’t keep it together at Florida, so it won’t be a big hit but the chance for big upside may be gone.

So the chances of a big WR Corp of Gordon, Landry, Coleman and Callaway, now looks like three dudes and Jarvis Landry. Baker Mayfield isn’t that big of a magician.

Browns… Just sign Dez. He’s just sitting there ready to ball. There have been rumors they want to bring him to Cleveland, so just do it. What’s the worst that can happen? He’s a Diva? A Diva Dez is better than some dude named Damion Ratley.

Or give me a call… I got mean flag football hands!

Image – 247sports

-Kevin”That Guy”

Feature Image – Reddit

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