Irish Dude Goes Streaking….Most Likely Being Deported

Deportation? Will you guys just let my man live?!???! His buddies offered him $80 to pull out his little Irish Shamcock and run around the field a little bit. Is that a crime? Wait…..Oh it is? Let him live anyway.

  1. He’s Irish. I don’t want to stereotype the guy but him and his boys were most likely in downtown blackout city when this happened. It’s the only way the Irish know how to drink. They don’t really stop drinking, they just keep drinking until their bodies give up and they pass out. It’s sort of inspirational really.
  2. It’s Blue Jays Mariners. Who gives a shit about the score or who’s up to bat, why are people even at the game? It’s not like this little leprechaun dropped trou in the bottom of the 9th inning of a tied Red Sox Yankees game. We’re talking Seattle and Toronto, this is basically Triple-A.

Deportation seems a little much all things considered. Trump needs to step in immediately and pardon this fella. It’s a win-win. The Irish guy gets to stay in the land of the free and home of the brave and Trump gets a few brownie points. Who can’t relate to being super drunk, doing something stupid and looking for a little forgiveness? Do the right thing Donnie.


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