HBO Hard Knocks Kicks Off Tonight. Here’s Everything You Need To Know

We are right there, right on the cusp of the football season. Their is nothing that gets you more prepared for football than HBO’s Hard Knocks. It’s the perfect appetizer for the entree that is football season. Here’s everything you need to know


When and where: Tonight 10 pm HBO. They put a new one out every Tuesday night at 10 until the start of the NFL season.

Who will be the star: Not a doubt in my mind it will be Baker Mayfield. Every season has a star, just someone that captivates the audience for one reason or another. Some reasons are good like when Tyler Starr got the call he made the team.

Other reasons, not great, like when Antonio Cromartie could barely remember the names of all 1,000 of his kids.

Baker is not going to disappoint. Cameras around him 24/7, he is going to give us gold. Mayfield has already shown he doesn’t give two shits about what the media thinks when Colin Cowherd tried to attack him back in June.


Oh and don’t forget the Kansas game last year.


Every year HBO out does themselves and this year will be no exception. The Browns, for the first time since Derek Anderson and Jamal Lewis laced up, will actually be some what relevant in 2018. They added a bunch of talent and are sure to do better than their last 3 seasons combined (4-44). Also fun fact, Cleveland hasn’t won a game on a Sunday since December 13th 2015. Good God.

Here’s to a turn around season for the boys in shit brown.


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