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Did you get the latest edition of Obscure Sports Quarterly? The old “OSQ” No? That’s ok Branded Sports and I got your back.

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ESPN 8 “The Ocho” is coming back tomorrow and we couldn’t be anymore excited about it!

ESPN “There’s an electricity in the air, folks. A palpable hue of anticipation.” For the second year in a row, ESPN will suspend regularly scheduled programming on one of its networks to bring fans the finest in seldom-seen sports from around the globe. ESPN8 “The Ocho” Presented by KFC Battle of the Buckets—serving alternative sports fans since 1999 2017—will take the place of ESPN2 on Wednesday, August 8

Yes… YES!!! Thank you baby Jesus. There is nothing better than seeing average to below average athletes going balls to the wall competing in sports that may make you ask yourself… “is that really a sport?”

ESPN 8 “The Ocho” will be on your TV for 24 hours, taking over ESPN2. You will also be able to see all the fantastic coverage on ESPN On Demand,, ESPN The Magazine and their multiple social media platforms.

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The day will start at midnight with the playing of the movie Dodgeball. “If you can dodge a wrench you can dodge a ball.” Nope, I can’t think of a better way to kick off the best 24hour period on ESPN this year either.

Oh yeah… it will also end from 10pm-12am with a second airing of Dodgeball. “We’re just better than you… And we know it.”

You are going to be able to enjoy some cornhole, ping pong, Brat and Hamburger eating championships, sumo wrestling and even “chess boxing” what the hell is chess boxing?!

ESPN “Chess boxing is a hybrid sport started in 2003 that is designed to test both the body and the mind with three minute rounds of each sport for a total of 11 rounds.

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I’m in.

Lastly the whole day is sponsored by KFC! KFC… What better sponsor of a “sports” day? There is none. ESPN 8 The Ocho is gonna be freakin “Finger Lickin’ Good!”

So send your work a vacation request now, or call out sick in the morning. Get to bed early tonight and set your alarm for 11:59PM so you don’t miss a minute. Grab a bucket of Colonel Sander’s chicken and get ready to be wowed!

Here is the full day lineup from ESPN media zone:

-Kevin “That Guy”

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