Baseball Player Cursing Like A Sailor And Using Props To Perfection


Just perfect execution. From the “you’re fucking dog shit!” tirade to him literally pointing to the garbage can he just drug on the field, yelling at the ump “Go back to your home!” It was just simply perfect. Getting thrown out of a baseball game with class and dignity is for the birds. You need to ham it up a little bit, stand up for yourself. No ump comes into your house and pushes you around. At least not on Brennan Metzger’s watch. Looks like I need to be attending more Fargo-Moorehead Redhawks games. Who knew?
Also not to change the subject but look at this wet blanket.

GTFOH with this nonsense. It’s a game, played for entertainment of the paying customers. And let me tell you something Jeanie, whatever those people paid, it wasn’t enough for this grade A performance. What kind of person is so high on their horse…..oh wait………..


That explains it.

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