Ru gets an A for effort..

So… Big Bad Ru came at me again. (Here) What else is new? Wah I don’t like the Cowboys. Wah I don’t like “trash” Cowboys fans. Wah trash, trash, trash.

It’s ok Ru, it was a nice try… Again. See the problem with Ru and (some not all) Eagles fans is… He is not used to winning. He doesn’t know how to handle the Super Bowl victory, and that’s ok. I won’t fault him for that.

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Now, before he comes back with another “it’s been over 20 years I won’t even make fun of Cowboys fans anymore.” Yeah Ru, I know. I’ve even stated that in my other articles. (Kmess check me out) So it’s impossible to assault me with that.

He starts by saying:

“Yesterday Kevin posted this blog.  I didn’t read it because it stinks.  But I found myself annoyed and very triggered over it.  So I kind of had to review it, not read it because I wont read trash about trash.”

Ok, first everyone knows that’s a lie because I write fantastic blogs, he knows it and Joe knows it and hell everyone knows it. You Ru… Are Fake News. Second, you read the whole damn thing and thought.. Hmm I don’t like it but that Kmess is pretty good.

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Then he goes on to try and make fun of me by saying:

“First of all, you can curse Kevin, just say “Lets Fucking Go” next time.”

1. CEO Joe and I say LFG all the time. It’s kind of a Branded Thing. 2. I enjoy the look of LFG. And 3. My mother reads my articles Ru and I love and respect my mommy.

See what Ru is scared of is that I use numbers and facts. Stats and analytics. I think, actually I know, he saw the stats that Zeke has put up and said well damn yeah he really is the best back in the NFL, but I’m scared and don’t know how to give credit so… uh.. I’ll say he stinks! Yeah that’s good.

He then goes on to attack my quote about Allen Hurns and the Cowboys WR’s stepping up this season with:

“Hurns and the boys?

“Oh man that was funny, Hurns and the boys!

I don’t get the joke. Oh.. You think because they aren’t “Star power” crazy names they can’t step up? How quickly you forgot by the blinding of the Super Bowl ring (again bc I can give credit) that the Eagles deserve.

Remember..Nelson Agholor who had the most brick hands of all time? Couldn’t catch a 5 yard slant to beat the Cowboys year before? What happened last year? He stepped up. Not you or any other Eagle fan thought he would, but he did. So you too should be nervous about a hungry, under appreciated under dog.

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Oh, again how quickly you forgot… Remember who the “underdog” was last year? Remember how MUCH the fan base and team played that up? I know for damn sure you had a dog mask. But again success has blinded you so quickly you forgot your roots. And forgot how you got there. Just remember (I’m gonna curse) Karma is a bitch and the Cowboys are the hungry underdogs now.

I make fun of myself for being “That Guy” but you truly are “That Philly Fan” the ones that give the fan base a bad rap. But I am not going to get mad at you, because you’re tasting success for the first time and don’t know what to do. Here’s what you do..

Enjoy it. Bask in it. Write everyone of your blogs with your replica ring on. I’m happy for you. But worry about your team and focus on your team. Let me, Zeke, Hurns and America’s Team Nation worry about ourselves and we will see you week 10.

-Kevin “That Guy”

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August 7, 2018 2:04 pm

“He’s an angry little elf!”