Allegedly Ohio State Fans Are Ok With Domestic Violence If It Means Winning Football Games

In the wake of an Ohio State investigation into Urban Meyer’s possible knowledge of domestic abuse allegations against a former assistant, during which the decorated coach has been placed on paid administrative leave, a number of Buckeyes fans are showing support for the coach. More than 20,000 have signed an online petition calling on the school to keep him from being “wrongfully fired,” and a prominent fan is planning to lead an on-campus rally Monday.

The organizer of the rally, Jeff Hamms, is better known to many OSU fans as “Tennessee Jeff” from his appearances on Columbus, Ohio, sports-talk radio. An Ohio native, he flew in from Myrtle Beach, S.C., to lead a demonstration in support of Meyer at Ohio Stadium. –-Des Bieler

Color me shocked folks, color me shocked.  Ohio State football fans starting an online petition to keep Urban Meyer from being “wrongfully fired”.  I’ve got to be honest here, this has nothing to do with my hate of Ohio State.  Nothing to do with them robbing the Canes of a title in 2002, in which they stole and to be honest with how this school is run they probably cheated somehow.  This has to do with being a human being, being a man with a heart and a brain. A man who stands up for what is right and knocks down what is wrong.

Urban Meyer knew his assistant coach was beating his wife, text messages prove this and he didn’t really care.  He wanted to win football games and you know what, I almost understand that.  He only cares about football and that’s fine, but as a fan of this great sport whether you support this team or not you have to realize this is wrong.  You must ask for Urban to go if you love Ohio State football because you do not want to see your school represented by an apparent DV acceptor.

Alas they do not care, allegedly OSU football fans are ok with beating women as long as they win football games.  It is a sad case of affairs in our nation.  I would bet my life savings, all tens of the dollars I have saved, that the same Ohio State fans wanting Urban to keep his job, wanted Joe Pa fired.  Now don’t get me wrong, Joe Pa is a scumbag also and he is burning in hell as we speak.  I also will not compare these two crimes, both bad, both gross and both upsetting, but I do have a message for Ohio State fans.

What kind of statement does your support of Urban send?  What does it send to little Sally growing up in Northern Ohio thinking she has nowhere to go if she gets beat?  What does it send to little Larry Sanders in East Ohio who thinks he can make woman do what he wants by force?  How does little Jackie Allen in North West Ohio feel about women empowerment and the strength she has to stand up for herself?  What are you saying to them OSU sports fans?

I say start a new petition for the immediate firing of Urban Meyer.  Don’t do it for yourself or for your team do it for little Ben Johnson in South North East Ohio who doesn’t know right from wrong yet, do it for little Jenny Jensen of South North West Eastern Southern Ohio who wants her mommy to get help from her abusive father.  Do it for your neighbor Darcy of Middle North Ohio who is afraid to speak up about her abuse.  Do it for them OSU fans.

The sad thing is I know they wont.  They don’t care, they’re spineless gutless cowards with no heart, no backbone and no care for people in this world.  They care about putting silver and scarlet paint on their face on Saturdays and going to root for their evil coach who allegedly let Aaron Hernandez off the leash.  People forget that, I didnt. That’s what these Ohio State football fans will do.  They wont even think twice about little Debbie who grew up into a beautiful young adult, with a job and a family who gets hit and yelled at for nothing. She would have gone to the police but she lives in Center North Ohio and she knows that women don’t have rights there, because the Ohio State fans set it up that way when they started a petition to keep Urban Meyer on at coach.  I hope all 20,000 of you DV acceptors sleep well tonight, because while you sleep in your good ol’ boy world, there’s women asking for help, and Urban along with the 20,000 of you have your ears plugged, because you only care about W’s not basic human rights.

As always, God Ble– No not this time, I can’t say God Bless and sign off this blog, because Ohio State fans are setting women back 150 years, so I’ll just say…

God help us all.

PS: In case you Ohio State fans forgot

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