There’s No “I” In TO….But There Might As Well Be

If someone asked you who is/was the most cocky full of them self player in the NFL, I would venture to guess 90% of you would say….”get ya popcorn ready” – Terrell Owens. 

Image-Star Telegram


Now don’t get me wrong, TO had reasons to be confident for many years in the league. He was one of the best wide receivers in the NFL, his numbers were ridiculous, he holds many NFL records and his touchdown antics will forever be embedded in our heads. Seriously who keeps a sharpie in their sock during a football game? Only a cocky mofo who knows they’re gonna score. Case and point-the guy was a beast and I will never ever doubt his athleticism or talent.


You can be THAT good, and still not be a dick. I met Brian Dawkins once. One of the best players EVER. Philly is basically known for Weapon X. Nicest guy in the world. I hate the Cowboys but I heard Emmitt Smith is a class act type of guy. One of my friends from college is a die hard Saints fan and he met Drew Brees in an airport bar and said he bought him a beer and talked with him for almost an hour….And the list goes on. I often look at how players carry themselves off the field (without their agent or publicist guiding them on what to do and say) just to see what they’re all about and I know others do this, too. You know? Let’s see if he cracks in the interview at a tough question. Let’s see who he blames for that loss. Oh he just got injured, let’s see if he bounces back with ten times more intensity. Is he a good dad/husband/son/friend? Stuff like that is what makes you admire these guys because they know somewhere out there some kid is wishing they were them. Unless you’re TO, who has literally never looked up to anyone…….but himself.  

With that being said….what is the biggest honor in the NFL that an athlete can receive by himself? Yes…getting inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame. That gold jacket. 


Apparently Terrell Owens doesn’t because he’s true to form, too good to be at his own Hall Of Fame Induction ceremony. What?? 

Fox Sports

Owens is still super butt hurt about how he was portrayed after he left the NFL….ummm pretty sure you did that to yourself, buddy. Either that or he’s pissed he didn’t succeed in his post NFL bowling career. 


(At least he has great taste in socks).

But hey that’s cool, you get inducted into the Hall Of Fame and decide to whine like a child and boycott the ceremony while others like Ray Lewis, Brian Dawkins (represent), Randy Moss and the other stand up 2018 inductees appreciate being acknowledged for such a prestigious award. Jerry Kramer is 82 years old and he’s not missing his moment! All in all-this will probably be the most regretful decision he will make to date. (Besides his catastrophe of a reality TV show because that trash takes the cake). I don’t know what he’s trying to prove here but he looks like a jackass. I will admit that maybe I’m a little butt hurt that a player who was THAT GOOD has too much pride to be present to accept such an honor. 

Apart of me is semi hoping he punks us all and busts into the room with a football and spikes it all in our faces. Buuuuuut according to his Twitter page, he actually threw his own HOF party, in Chattanooga, Tennesee with t-shirts he had made for himself.  


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