Is Kevin Saying “Zeke Is Starving” The Most Annoying Thing Ever Said?

Yesterday Kevin posted this blog.  I didn’t read it because it stinks.  But I found myself annoyed and very triggered over it.  So I kind of had to review it, not read it because I wont read trash about trash.  I reviewed this trash piece about this trash person on this trash team and it might be the most ridiculous trash ever written by a human being not named Rick Reilly, although Kevin Messina is quickly rising those rankings.  Lets give a break down of a few lines Kevin wrote.

Kevin: “LFG!! Zeke was known to be out of shape at training camp and at the beginning of the season. Too much drinking? Too much partying? Maybe. It would take him until about week 4, week 5 until he was actually hitting his stride.…But not this season. This season the abs are poppin’ out. The speed is on point, the power is there… Everything we expect out of the best all around back in the NFL. And, we haven’t even hit preseason game one yet.”

First of all, you can curse Kevin, just say “Lets Fucking Go” next time.  He was out of shape because he was in wife beating shape not football beating shape, everyone knows that.  Best all around running back in the NFL?  Did Cory Clement retire?  I didnt think so.

Kevin: “In two seasons (minus the six games he missed for suspension last year.) Zeke has run for 2,614 yards on 564 carries, averaging 4.6 yards per carry and crossing the goal line 22 times. 👀 And that was with entering camp out of shape? Imagine what he’s going to do this season!”

This season?  I dont know running the football when you’re down by 20 entering halftime is usually a bad idea.

Kevin: “Everyone is worried about the Cowboys passing attack. (Future article preseason) However I am not. I think Hurns and the boys will step up. But, I also believe OC Scott Linehan will get more creative to get the ball in Zeke’s hands more in the pass game.”

Hurns and the boys?


Oh man that was funny, Hurns and the boys!  Now I dont actually hate Kevin, I dont want to be mean, he is talking up his team like any good fan would do.  Any good fan of the Cowboys and the Yankees.  I cant fault him for that.  I wish him good luck this season, I truly hope he enjoys it and has fun watching football, it’s sad it has to end in December for him again this year.  And as I have said before, I no longer make fun of Cowboys fans, I just dont do it anymore, I didn’t do it here either.

God Bless.


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