Follow Friday: Coach Brown

If you don’t know by now we are BIG time Coach Brown fans. So it is only right we feature him this week for Follow Friday. Coach Brown is a former JUCO All-American QB from Compton Community College and later played DII ball at Fort Hays State. He broke a billion records there and played professionally in the NFL and the Arena League before starting his coaching career. He now coaches Independence Community College in Kansas where he is featured for Last Chance U’s third season. (LCU)

If you don’t watch Last Chance U you’re just a flat out idiot. Netflix rules the world and Last Chance U is the crown jewel.

If I had to sum him up in my own words I’d say: he is a cigar smokin’, big time cursin’, only knows winnin’, bad ass mother fucker. And I honestly think he’d want that put on his gravestone. He calls himself a master motivator and I couldn’t agree more. Just listen to this:

How do they even have any walls still standing at ICC? Coach Brown could get me to run through a brick wall by just reading over my class schedule. Great work by Dan Barwick to bring coach Brown to ICC.

Image – SBNation

We don’t recommend you following Coach Brown, we EXPECT you to.

Win on me. Win on three”

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