Wait, Are People Really Doing This?

Thank God I already ate lunch because this would have ruined my appetite. Looks like people in the south like to put peanuts in their Coca Colas because of course they do.

If Woody Paige is defending peanuts in Coke than I am so far on the other side of the fence. I don’t think I’ll ever eat peanuts or have a Coke again in my life. I’m not even talking about together, I mean separately. Just going to give up n both of them after seeing this.

They say somethings are better left a secret, they were talking about this. The south can have it back, us Northerners don’t want it. And yes I feel comfortable speaking for the entire north because if you do this I 100% hate you. No way I like you, no way I ever could. It is clear that you make poor life decisions and I just can’t have that around my circle.

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