The Red Sox Begin Their 4-Game Sweep of the Yankees this Weekend

The Yankees are stumbling into Boston this weekend for a four game series and it’s barely moving the needle. In reality it’s really hard to get up for games against a team that can’t even handle the Orioles.

But the Sox don’t pick their schedule, they just play the slop that they’re given. This weekend it happens to be the Judge-less Yankees.

It’s a real shame that the Yankees couldn’t make this weekend more fun by being good. Since I’m a professional, I’ll still break down exactly how the Sox will be sending the Yankees off with their tails tucked between their legs come Sunday night.

Reason number one, Alex Cora.

Alex Cora

Image – @smurphey1121

Both Cora and Aaron Boone are in their first season as managers and one of them is proving to be much better than their counter part. Can you guess who that is?

Correct. Alex Cora is proving to be the Bill Belichick of baseball as far as prepping his team for success and Aaron Boone looks more like a mental midget with every game that passes.

It’s gotten to the point that other coaches are stepping in because Boone’s clearly lost the locker room.

It’s crazy how one home run 15 years ago made Boone seem like a capable coach to the Yankees’ front office.

But then again Cashman seems to have his heads in the clouds these days.

Maybe Cashman should be worrying more about the Yankees record if they didn’t have to play Tampa and Baltimore so many time.

Now for reason number two. The Yankees pitching staff.

The Red Sox may not be at risk of losing the division lead in this series, but they do have the chance to create nearly insurmountable lead of New York for the division. That incentive will be plenty for this lineup to jump on a struggling pitching staff in New York.

The bums in the Bronx don’t only have a starting pitcher problem, which they do with the rapid decline of Luis Severino. They also have a problem cleaning up the mess that starters have created.

Having Wednesday off going into the series was all the time the Sox lineup needed to dissect how they will torture Yankees pitching this weekend. The Yankees may currently hold a 5-4 record against the Sox this year, but six of the nine games were played in New York and the Red Sox have out-scored them head-to-head.

The Yankees 4.55 team ERA since the break won’t put a stop to that.

Finally, there is one glaring reason that this weekend will favor the Sox and it’s very simple. The Sox are just better. They get on base more, they score more, they have more consistent pitching, especially their starters, and they have bigger balls than the Yankees (this is speculation, but I’m positive it’s true).

The Yankees fold in the face of adversity and this weekend is their biggest test yet. They’ll show their true colors at Fenway this weekend.

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Game one of the series is tonight as Fenway will be treated to a hot BJ as Johnson takes the mound against C.C.. Let the onslaught begin.

Prediction: Red Sox sweep.

Feature Image – Boston Herald

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