The Nationals Are Acting Like Shawn Kelley Killed Someone

Mike Rizzo and the entire Washington Nationals organization are a bunch of little bitches. Last night in the 9th inning of that beat down Washington gave the Mets, Shawn Kelley gave up a meaningless home run. In frustration he threw his glove to the ground.

That’s it. Afterward Washington designated Shawn Kelley for assignment. Kicked him off the team! For throwing his glove. Are you kidding? And listen to Mike Rizzo talk about the “incident.”

I’m sorry, did I miss the part where after Kelley threw his glove on the ground where he murdered the ump with his bare-hands? He threw a glove, get the fuck over it. Mike Rizzo said “That’s something you don’t come back from.” What the hell are you even talking about?!!? How fucking soft are you? A selfish act? God forbid a player gets frustrated while his team tries to crawl out of third place in the division. Which your sitting management helped them fall to.

Shawn Kelley should not have applogized and should demand to be traded right away. Baseball purest and their “unwritten” rules can go get bent. No wonder the Nationals always underachieve and are never going to win a World Series. Mike Rizzo is soft as baby shit.


Featured Image – Alex Brandon (AP)

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