Mets Twitter is πŸ”₯

Ok.. Ok.. Yes I made fun of The Mets for spreading Hand, Foot and Mets disease.

Also made fun of them for losing 25-4 last night.

HOWEVER… After perusing the old Twitter TL I looked at the Mets Twitter. And they are hilarious.

Completely owning the ass kicking they were receiving and having some fun with it.

They even got involved in someone’s very important softball game.

The team tried to make a “comeback” and Mets Twitter kept trolling!

Even when it was all over and the final was 25-4 they kept the savagery up!

Fantastic Final Score recap!

However… You are right Mets Twitter…

Today is a new day. And ya know what… This Yankee fan is gonna root for you. Simply because your Twitter is πŸ”₯

And that’s the best thing I’ve seen on Twitter since Dez Bryant went off on my Cowboys.

Keep Trollin!

-Kevin “That Guy”

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August 4, 2018 12:02 pm

[…] Mets Twitter is πŸ”₯ […]