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McDonald’s Morning Latte (bleach)

So, a pregnant woman from Canada ordered a latte from Mickey D’s, and got a cup full of cleaning solution instead.

Are you kidding me?  You want $15 an hour, and you cant even serve a latte to someone without nearly killing them?  Got it.  Makes total sense.

How does this even happen?

The owner said that they clean and set up these machines every single day.  So you’d think that the person working would be competent enough to do it correctly, right?  Think again.  He said that “unfortunately the milk supply line was connected to the cleaning solution while the guest’s drink was made.”

Yeah, that is unfortunate.  Almost as unfortunate as this pregnant woman nearly losing her life because some minimum wage moron doesn’t know the difference between milk and bleach.


I’m all for a livable wage.  But if you can’t make a latte correctly without poisoning someone, you don’t deserve $15 an hour.  Sorry bub.

McDonalds McSucks.  Their burgers are trash compared to Burger King, their nuggets are garbage compared to Wendy’s, and their chicken sandwiches taste like nutsack compared to Chick Fil A.  Let me guess, “but Jay, their fries are the best!!”  I don’t want to hear that shit.  The curly fries at Roy Rodgers absolutely shit on McDonald’s fries.

Of course, I wouldn’t know what any of these things taste like, because I don’t eat fast food.  My body is a temple, and I look like a fucking Greek God.  Just ask @kmess22.  That dude is jelly AF of this bod.  Strong and shredded?  You’re Goddamn right.


Featured Photo – Amy Jussel / Shaping Youth




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