Bridesmaid Face-plants As Newlyweds Kiss

Tough look here. From the looks of this she was not only a bridesmaid but the maid of honor. You only have a few jobs as maid of honor on the actually day of the wedding. Make sure the bride shows up, give a speech and don’t fucking pass out. That’s really it.

Daily Mirror

Two out of three will get you in the baseball Hall Of Fame, not going to do much for you at a wedding. Got to keep those knees moving, get that blood flow through the body. This will make an amazing wedding day picture though from now until forever. I have one from my wedding day on a latter climbing to the roof. Why you ask? Because I Hulked my keys on the roof when one of the groomsmen asked me to toss them. I was about 30 feet away and threw them like I was gunning out a runner at second from home. Nervous I guess but at least I didn’t do this.

Ice that girls face down, get her a shot of fireball and get her on the dance floor.

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