ALERT: The Mets are spreading a Plague!

Disclaimer: I am a Yankees fan as you all know. So it’s in my blood to hate the Mets. It’s in the rules.

However, I have actually felt bad for the Mets this season. They are a disaster. They sign all around great guy Todd Frazier 👎🏻 and he gets hurt. Céspedes can’t stay healthy… Even after he hits a HR against the Yanks. They trade Famila and Cabrera but don’t move Wheeler, Thor or DeGeom at the deadline.

Image – Madmagazine

Now, all of us Yankees and even Phillies fans know the Mets are a disease. In fact I think even most of their fans know it too. We just never knew exactly what kind of disease, until a couple weeks ago.

Washington Post “Leave it to a Mets player to come down with perhaps the most Amazin’ injury since Jose Cardenal’s eyelid was stuck shut.

Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard is headed to the disabled list with hand, foot and mouth disease.

Wait what?! Hand.. Foot.. And Mouth Disease? Can you even get that in America? Especially as an adult? An adult playing a professional sport surrounded by the best trainers and doctors in the world!

Apparently you can when you play for the Mets.

Newsweek “Mets manager Mickey Callaway reasoned the right-hander caught the viral condition, which usually affects children under the age of five, when he hosted a baseball camp for children in New Jersey”

Woah, woah, woah there Mickey! You leave my home state of New Jersey out of this. We did nothing to your beloved Thor. What, blame us because 90% of us are Yankees fans? (The other 10% Phillies fans) Yeah real mature!

Image – SNY TV

Noah is fine and that’s why it’s ok to joke about it, no one get all PC on me. Look he even joked about it…

However, yesterday when I was getting the happy news that the Yankees won’t have to face Chris Sale at Fenway this weekend (headed to the DL.) I got another alert.

Ok, now it’s serious. Now it’s time to get the CDC involved. Now it’s time to turn Citi Field into the house from ET! The Mets are no longer containing their disease, they are spreading across town to the only REAL baseball team in the city!!

I’m not sure if we need to get some really smart scientists to develop a Mets vaccine to keep all of us immune from their filth. Or if we should condemn the ballpark, the team and just end the season. I mean as I’m writing, this is happened:

It’s over.

But whatever we do we need to do fast. So that no other more superior ball players are infected with this hand, foot and Mets disease.

Here is NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio’s phone number: 212-NEW-YORK. Please contact him to let him know you are concerned.

-Kevin “That Guy”

Feature Image – Twitter: WhyTheMetsSuck

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