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Welcome INTERN Nick!

I wanted to personally welcome Mr. Intern Nick Williams to the Branded Sports family. He’s a BAWSTON guy, or is it BAHSTON? Listen I love Boston but could you guys do us all a favor and speak English?

Now, Nick seems like a really nice guy! Smart, knows his teams and funny too. A great addition to the team that we are all excited about. If you haven’t added him on Twitter yet.. Do it! Nick_Williams96

However I have some beef with Nicky boy that I need to clear the air on. The obvious one is his allegiance to the SAWKS, but I’ll get to that later. First in his intro article our new intern says:

Branded Sports “But just like those guys, I’m built for my sport.

At 5’10”, 230 lbs. of pure Bud Light and pizza, I am doing the one thing my body type is best for and that is sitting on my ass and churning out great content on the internet.”

Just like those other guys? Nick, Nick, Nick. You are joining a team of finely tuned former athletes. (Except maybe TheNickRu) but JPopo07, gottahabich and I are three of the finest lacrosse athletes you’ll meet my friend.

If you missed my gym does and don’t article (Does and Don’ts) I explain that I am a gym rat… Shoot me! Now I do love pizza and will be crushing it in Italy next week but I stand at a great height of 5’7 and sit at chiseled 170lbs. And, I put some good ass content out… From the treadmill my friend.

Now then intern Nick goes on to say:

Branded Sports “So Boston fans, prepare for Pulitzer Prize level ball fondling of Tom Brady and, for everyone else, I’m happy to be you’re new most hated person on the world wide web.”

First off I love Tom Brady and agree with Joe’s article (Greatest American) but he couldn’t beat the Eagles for me?? People do hate BAHSTON fans, especially us real baseball fans in the Bronx.

But again stepping on toes Mr. Intern.. I am “That Guy” see.. (That Guy) I mean what’s worse than a Yankees, Cowboys, Irish fan? Except maybe this guy:

Now onto your worst quality. The Red Sox. I mean there’s not much more to say. I hate you, you hate me, we scream and yell you pahk the cah in hahvahd yahd. Yeah.. I know the Sox are on fire but you just wait until October baby!!

But that’s what sports are all about, without guys like Nick and I to hate… It’s no fun! Just bustin on ya intern… Happy to have you and welcome to branded_sports!

…Now go get me a coffee!

-Kevin “That Guy”




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