Johnny Football Is Back!!!

Friday 7:30 pm Johnny Football gets his first taste of CFL action and I can’t wait. Last week Johnny was traded to the Montreal Alouettes from the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. Johnny Manziel is like the football version of Tiger Woods just minus all the previous success. I want him to be good again (college football good, he sucked with the Browns) so bad and pray this is his shot. And who are they playing on Firday night? None other than those Tiger-Cats. A revenge game for Johnny.

Montreal has 12 games left on the schedule and they currently sit at 1-5, last in the league. If you’re a betting man you have to bet on them running the table. 13-5 to finish the year and Manziel leads them to the championship. Next season back in the NFL and an MVP candidate. The story writes itself. Come back starts on Friday.

Some highlights to get you to Friday


Featured Image – Claus Andersen/Getty Images

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