Is This The Most Aggressive Bub Ever Bub’d?

Twitter is the greatest place on Earth. People say whatever they want with no regard for human life. Today I was just browsing the old TL, that’s time line for you newbies. I came across this delightful tweet from Kmarko

Everyone can relate to that. Credit cards stink and paying them off stinks too. As I read it I thought, it’s Tuesday, that’s an interesting day to get paid. I’ve always been paid every other Friday. That’s the OG standard way of being paid so I simply asked:

No harm no foul right? Just an honest question. One gentleman/duck responded with the 15th and last day of the month. That totally slipped my mind as I again, never have been paid on that schedule. I even sent him a funny gif back.

I thought that was all over. That was until I checked my DMs and holy shit did this fella get triggered HARD.Capture

BUB??!! That seems a little over the line. Call me a piece of shit or a little baby back bitch but how dare you BUB me? The only logical reason for this is he either invented 15/30th pay schedule or he works at Barstool.


Nope not that either. And did I just get double BUB’d?!!? So I ask, why? Why all this anger towards me. I’m a simple man, I like simple things. Cheese plates and cheap beer. I just need answers and I can’t get them because I am now blocked


We could have been best friends or at least drinking buddies. Give me another chance Ryan I promise I’ll do better Bub!

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DeeZ nuts
DeeZ nuts
July 31, 2018 9:47 pm

This is the worst article I ever seen. Were you salty that he schooled you that salaried employees get paid twice a month ? You must not be making much coin. Philly scum