I’m Nick Williams and It’s Time To Party

Branded Sports continues its quick rise to the big leagues of blogging with their most recent free agent acquisition. That pick up is me, Nick Williams. No, not the Phillies’ outfielder Nick Williams nor the D-tackle for the Bears by the same name. But just like those guys, I’m built for my sport.

At 5’10”, 230 lbs. of pure Bud Light and pizza, I am doing the one thing my body type is best for and that is sitting on my ass and churning out great content on the internet. Just like Branded Sports founder Joe, I’m hungry (seriously I’m always hungry) to turn this blog into the most visited site on everyone’s safari home page.

When Joe reached out to me all I could think was “what a perfect fit”. He recruited me as one of Branded’s new Boston writers to add to the arsenal of nation-wide writers the site has already accumulated. If there’s one thing I do well in life, It’s talking Boston sports and how, as a city, they drag sack all over the sports world.

So Boston fans, prepare for Pulitzer Prize level ball fondling of Tom Brady and, for everyone else, I’m happy to be you’re new most hated person on the world wide web.

P.S. As I wrote this Blake Swihart of all people hit a walk-off double. Suck it Philly.


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