Pro Tip: Don’t Do This To Tom Brady

Over the weekend Ben Volin from The Boston Globe decided to ask Brady about Edelman, his connection to TB12 and Alex Guerrero. Brady responded by saying no comment and walking out of the interview.


Now that it’s Monday people are starting to weigh in on what happened Saturday, I’m sure WEEI is a buzz with callers on this topic. When I first saw the clip I didn’t think much about it because it seemed like an obviously punk move from Ben. What Edelman did or didn’t do has nothing to do with Brady. If it was something that involved Alex Guerrero, go ask him. Open and shut case. Volin wanted to be the big tough guy trying to stir up some nonsense and Brady wasn’t having it. Easy. I didn’t think it would even be conversation.

Now I find out people are labeling Brady soft for this. Soft? How? Quick question, how was Brady supposed to respond to someone clearly looking for a sound bite? Ben is looking at making some headlines first day Brady is available to the media. Ata boy, you crushed it. Look, Volin can ask whatever he wants. That’s his job to ask questions and report but Brady swatting away  questions about things that don’t directly involve him shouldn’t be viewed as “soft.”

Brady was in a no win spot here. Entertain the question and you give the blood sucking leach what he wants. Walk away and people attack you. Damned if you do and damned if you don’t Guess that is just the pressure of being one of the greatest humans God ever created. #Blessed

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