Pokémon NO!

Hey Everyone! Sorry for the absence but sometimes life gets too busy, ya know? Anyway, I’m back this week to talk to you about a really fun new app that I’ve been playing for about the past month.

If you’re like me, then in 2016 you jumped on the nostalgic bandwagon that is “Pokémon Go”. However, that also means that after about a year or so you probably got bored with it. After all, it was very repetitive with not much to do other than catch Pokémon; 96.72% of which were Pidgey and Rattata. Then once they introduced battling, it wasn’t the strategic move by move concept that we all knew and loved from the Gameboy games or Pokémon stadium. It’s basically finger smashing and you move your hand as fast as possible until you finish (that’s what she said). The game FINALLY introduced trading about a month ago (after about 2 years of telling us it was going to happen “soon”) and even now there’s limits to what you can trade and when, etc. Well if you’re bored with this game, but enjoy the concept of A/R games themselves, as well as DINOSAURS…that’s right dinosaurs, then I have a game for you.

So, due to the popularity of AR games and the release of “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom”, the lovely folks over at Ludia Inc. (makers of such games as “Family Feud” and “Jurassic World Builder”) have given us a fantastically fun game titled, “Jurassic World Alive”! This game took the basic concept of “Pokémon Go” and made some great improvements plus, how awesome are dinosaurs?! As with Pokémon, you venture around outdoors however you are collecting DNA from dinosaurs rather than Pokémon. When you see a dinosaur in the wild you can select it, and this launches your drone, which you then use to shoot darts at the dinosaur to collect DNA. Once you have obtained enough DNA you can create that dinosaur and add them to your team for battles. There are many different levels of dinosaurs ranging from common to unique. You can have the classics such as Triceratops and Velociraptor, dinos not shown in the movies like Utahraptor and Suchomimus, and dinos exclusive to the Jurassic World movies such as the Indominus Rex and the beloved raptor “Blue”. Which brings us to the best part of the game – using your dinosaurs to fuck some people up.

All you have to do is go to the battle tab, stack your team and select battle. The game randomly pairs you in a battle with somebody else on the planet earth and you duke it out to see who’s better. This, is something Pokémon REALLY should have implemented. Also, it is a move by move battle system much like the old Pokémon games (again something Pokémon Go really dropped the Pokéball on). Depending on how rare your dino is and how high its level is, the more powerful it will be and possibly, the more variety of moves it will carry. I don’t know about you guys but a game where I can battle my own dinosaurs has been something I’ve wanted ever since I was a wee lad. So if you’re like me and love dinosaurs (or hell, even if you don’t) and are looking for a fun way to waste time, slack off at work, or take a mental break from the stress of adulting, I highly suggest you pass on Pokémon and download “Jurassic World Alive”!

-Matt H.

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