Live PD Is The Best Show On TV And It’s Not Close

Live PD, for those that actually makes plans on Friday and Saturday night, is the greatest TV show ever created. It’s like COPS but sooooooooo much better. They have cameras follow police officers in like 9 different counties across the country and show you what happens in real time. It comes on every Friday and Saturday night from 9 pm -12 am and it’s incredible.

Now I get it, if you’re in college 9-12 is prime pregame and bar time. You are excused, you need to be crushing Natty Lights and hitting on ladies at the bar. Although it would make for a perfect pregame show. But if you are like me, 30, past your prime and waiting patiently for your first born to make his/her grand entrance you have no reason to not be watching.

It literally has everything, bank robbers, snake charmers and a ton of meth addicts that think they are God. My biggest issue with the show is that it ends at midnight. I need Live PD after hours. Give me 12-4, that’s when the real shit goes down. If you’ve got methheads getting naked and breaking into a burger joint at 9 pm imagine what’s happening at 2 am. NEED IT. I’ll pay you any moment of money A&E, name your price.

Check out some of this nonsense they goes down.


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