Hold The Phone, Vladimir Guerrero Is Going Into The HOF As An Angel?!!?!

What the shit is this? An Angel? No, everyone knows that Vlad is an Expo for life.

This is a real problem for me. Vlad was at his absolute coolest when you was just swinging for the fences in Montreal. No gloves, just pure man. Also can we talk about the fact that Vlad never wore gloves? How insane is that? You remember little league when you had two gloves, a metal bat and the kids threw the ball like 40 mph? Back then if you got a hold of one you’d have the bee feeling in your hands for an hour. Imagine that with a wooden bat and the pitchers throw the ball a million times faster. That is some alpha dog shit I will never relate to.


This decision doesn’t even make baseball sense. Yes Vlad got his MVP with the Angels but he played 8 years in Montreal to 6 in LA/Anaheim. Also the guy hit 234 dingers as an Expo to 173 as an Angel. More RBIs, higher batting average and a much higher WAR 34.6 to 22.8. I get it’s the Angels first HOFer but I don’t care, this is a crime and the MLB and Vlad need to be held accountable. Guerrero must of been shitfaced when he made this decision. I demand a recount. This is as bad as Mike Piazza going in as a Dodger and not a Met. (I bet half the people that read this didn’t even know that.)

P.s. in 2002 Vald hit 39 homers, 111 RBIs, stole 40 bases and had a .336 batting average. All while making only $9 million. Those numbers today would get you $40 mill a year easy.



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