Dez Bryant All Access! Dez lays it all out on Twitter… And I agree with him!

Dez Bryant isn’t going on the radio. He is not on NFL Network or giving an exclusive to 20/20. He is straight unleashing haymakers on the Dallas Cowboys and anyone in his way on Twitter. (And I agree)

Image – SB Nation

Straight to the fans. Straight to the people. Like only Dez can. Sometimes good, sometimes bad but when Dez talks… People listen.

This all steams from a Stephen Jones interview on SiriusXM:

You all know I am a massive Cowboys fan and always will be.  (But I also have been THROWING UP THE X since 2010… And will continue to.)  Why Stephen… Why? Stephen, Jerry, Jason, Scott… None of them should be talking about Dez.  You cut him remember?  He is not a Cowboy… Remember?  There is nothing productive that will come out saying “Dez was in Dak’s ear” Dez this.. Dez that.  Just stop, sit, think and focus on the 2018 Dallas Cowboys and

Let Dez do Dez.

Dez is a passionate guy.  I believe he is a very misunderstood man by the media and (some) fans.  People take his passion for anger. Take his passion for aggression.  Say his passion is a cancer.  But, what I believe is that Dez cared so much about the Dallas Cowboys that it was not just his team… But was his family.  He trusted them and was cut after a ten minute meeting.  Yes, I understand the NFL is a business but in the words of another HOF WR… “C’Mon MAN!”

Image – Inside The Star

This “interview” with Stephen has set Dez off a bit.  Again… People taking it in the wrong context.  Dez isn’t “outing people” on Twitter.  Dez isn’t “throwing people under the bus.”  He is simply speaking his truth. Giving you and I an All-Acess pass to his truth.

Now… That may sound like a “hot take” to most.  However I watched every play of that offense last year and it is nothing but the truth.  Defenses were calling out… Hell I was calling out what they were running pre snap from my couch.

Want some more of Dez’s truth?  Yeah me too…

^^^I think that is exactly what I said at the start of this.  More?  OK!

…As you should be Dez.  Enjoy life, do you and ball when they call.  And according to RapSheet, it sounds like the Browns are calling…

…And Dez might listen.  Good for you Dez.  I hope you go play for the Browns.  With Baker/Tyrod throwing you the rock.  Can you image lining up X, Landry and Gordon?? Now THAT is fire.

Good luck to you Mr. Bryant.  Thank you for everything you did for us Cowboys fans over the years.  (THE ALL TIME LEADER IN TD RECEPTIONS) Whatever team you are on (except the Eagles ha) I will be rooting for you and throwing up the X every, single, time you do!

Oh and Incase ya’ll forgot… Here’s 23 minutes of Dez Ballin out!

Keep doing you X.


Feature Image – Inside The Star

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