Bill Belichick With A Hall Of Fame Troll Job

Yesterday Bill addressed the media and Belichick did not disappoint. When asked about Malcolm Butler not playing in the Super Bowl Bill responded like so:

Seems subtle enough right? Nothing crazy just he’s not interested in talking about past seasons. But when you listen closer you notice what seasons he lists.

2001 – Won the Super Bowl

2004 – Won the Super Bowl

2007 – 16-0 season

2014 – Won the Super Bowl

2017 – Went to the Super Bowl

LOLOLOLOL Bill just taking a shit in the minds of the media. “Hey we’re here to talk about 2018 not how amazing my track record is. Focus. Don’t think about all those rings I’ve won, records I’ve broken and banners I’ve raised.” Billy Belichick does it again. I know I’m going to come off like such a Boston fan boy but how do you not love this guy?

I feel bad for Patriots fans sometimes. Belichick has been so good and so consistent that there is no way the regular season is fun for Pats fans anymore. Just can’t be. All they get is a two week season AFC Championship weekend and the Super Bowl. No way they get excited for a week 7 matchup with the Dolphins. Poor Pats fans.

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