The Great Branded Debate: Jennifer Aniston vs Jennifer Lopez

Over the last few days the team at Branded sports has been in a heated argument about who is hotter Jennifer Aniston or Jennifer Lopez.  It has gone back and forth and quite frankly has been super heated


I had to block out some personal information there but it got serious. Friendly conversation to where I had to take Messina’s side stinks for me.  He is a dirty rat fuck but he and I happen to agree sometimes.  So we had to ask our fans what they thought and tens of them answered


Aniston in a landslide!  Not even close!  Now I’m a reasonable man and I’m willing to give in and debate almost anything.  I am willing to explain why I’m right and the J-lo fans are wrong.  So I’m going to break it down in a few categories to decide the winner.

1. Over-All Looks

Now this one is tough.  Both women are beautiful and neither would give me a second of their time, well Jen Aniston would because she’s a people person but that’s neither here nor there.  JLo is exotically sexy and breathtaking, Jen Aniston is classically gorgeous and ages like a fine wine.  She is the kind of woman you just want to love and give things too.  She is special in every way and everyday.  Point Aniston

Image – Glamour

2. Body

Another tough one, both great bodies both in amazing shape.  JLo looks like she can do CrossFit and body building she’s absolute bananas. Jen Aniston on the other hand is just as fine as a grape vine.  Silky smooth and a booty that pops.  For me and anyone with a brain the answer is both, this is a tie.

Image – Pintest

Image – Daily Mail

P.S. JA is 18 years older than Brooklyn Decker.

3. Lasting Legacy


This photo created google.  I’m sorry but the famous Aniston hard nipples doesn’t beat this but I will post that picture anyway

Image – Cosmopolitan

Man that picture is so great, I change my mind another point to Aniston.

4. Dating Life

Can I just be honest about something, I would walk through the gates of hell for either woman I really would.  But if I have a choice I’m not choosing the girl that had Ben Afleck balls deep in her.  I’ll take Brad Pitts seconds anyway of the week and twice on Sunday not really even a second thought. Point Aniston.

Image – Celebrity Insider

That’s it folks that’s the game a 4-0 sweep in favor or Aniston.  J-Lo is classic and will always be beautiful and one of the best but stacked up against Aniston there really isn’t a competition.

WIN: Jennifer Aniston, hands down.

Feature Image – Look

Image – Jennifer Aniston Fan Club

Image – Amazon

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