Breaking: Outside source is cause for Simmons low (87) rating in NBA2K

Law of averages, Ben!

So, last week I was looking for the next awesome video game to work out my thumbs and I started to read a review on NBA2K19. Game looks awesome and with the Sixers having two stars now, I can play with my hometown team and run shit! BUT, I did see that rookie of the year, triple double assassin, defensive monster, Ben Simmons was an 87 rating! A freaking 87? are you kidding me!? This dude (Ben) controls the game and makes veterans look like fools as he YAMS in their faces!

Side note: Speaking of YAMS (not the potato), I didn’t know TJ McConnell could dunk….

I looked into Ben’s ratings a little closer discovered there was something a bit suspicious in regards to his overall rating. I know your thinking, it is a miracle that Ben is rated an 87 when he maybe hit 5 jumps shots all year outside 10 feet. Yes, you are correct. That shooting stat may be a legit reason his rating isn’t a 99. Hell, if he develops a jump shot (which is coming next year so watch out). His rating will be 110 EASILY!


The actual reason Ben is rated the same as fellow rookies, the jealous, insecure Donovan Mitchell, and Jason Tatum was because of Ben’s decision making and awareness. On the court Simmons has great vision and seems to be in the right place at the right time….. Off the court is where he lost the points. The NBA2K team took into account that Ben was dating Kendall Jenner and docked him points for that! You saw what happened to Lamar Odom, right? You can’t be in a relationship with a Kardashian/Jenner and have a good season. The developers of 2K know this and have seen it year after year! Ben you’re 21 years old, 6’ 10”, rich, wears 2 chains (but he got him a few onnnnn) (I’m so high me and god dappin’) (school of hard knocks I took night classes). I love 2 chains (the rapper). Ben would be one of the most prowled bachelors in history and now he’s shackin’ up with Kendall Jenner! Ben do what Wentz did, find a nice girl that is not already famous and have your own private relationship. When dating Kendall, EVERYONE will be watching EVERYTHING!!!! Ben if you want your ratings to go up DUMP KENDALL JENNER, and develop some type of jumper…

Kendall is however one of the hottest women around Bens age and has super model status. This could be good for us Sixers fans. He is showing that he doesn’t settle and he shoots for (on) the stars!

(Photo: Francois G. Durand/WireImage

Feature Image – Benyam Kidane

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