World Champion Eagles Report To Camp Today


I almost can’t believe that tweet is real.

World Champions!!!

Suck it Dallas, suck it New York, Washington, New England and the entire NFL. There’s a new sheriff in town and he’s a red headed, gun slinging hunk by the name of Carson Wentz.+850 odds to win MVP, right between Brady (+800) and Brees (+1500). I don’t like those odds…..because I FUCKING LOVE THEM! Let’s go!!! That’s my MVP!!

The crown defense officially starts today. Here at Branded Sports we have crunch all the data and are prepared to make our Official Eagles Season Prediction. Let’s take a peak.


BOOM. 16-0. Take it to the bank. I don’t think they even give up a touchdown all season. All joking aside Doug seems determined to show the world that what happened last year was no fluke and this Eagles team is the real deal. They’ve already done something no other Eagles team has ever done. Not McNabb, not Jaws, not the Andy Reid era, no one. I have no reason to think they can’t do the same this year.

There seems to be a little less buzz around Philly this year about the Eagles. I guess that’s what happens when you win the Super Bowl over the greatest dynasty in sports history. Whatever. It’s go time. We’re not done yet!


Now here is some Eagles porn to get you ready

Feature image – Flicker

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