Take me back to a better time!

“A long long time ago… I can still remember…”

Usually Wednesday is a very slow day in the sports world, especially in the summer. But since training camp is starting I want to take you on a journey to a magical time. Every time I take this journey I feel like Rose from Titanic because this time in my life keeps getting further and further away..

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I grew up in America’s best years. The roaring 20’s? No. The best generation? Not quite. Free love in the 60’s?? Nope. The 90’s… That’s right the 1990’s. Where we wore Starter jackets and listened to Walkmans. But the best part of the 90’s was the sports.

Most importantly… MY sports teams. The Cowboys ruled the NFL and the Yankees were becoming a dynasty. I saw seven championships between my Cowboys and Yankees from 1992-2000, SEVEN! (3 for the Cowboys & 4 for the Yanks.)

I was living in New Jersey, in school surrounded by sad Giants and Eagles fans (no one liked the Jets) and I was all smiles. It seemed like every time I wished for one… BOOM there’s another Championship… I was flying high!

I’m going to leave the Yankees out of the rest of this because they have still been pretty good to me, winning another WS in 2009 and making a deep run last year, so this is now all about my Cowboys.

It seemed like one day it just ended, and I wasn’t ready for it. The triplets of Emmitt, Troy and Michael turned into Quincy Carter, Troy Hambrick and Sam Hurd. Wait what… What just happened?

Each season I would think they are going to be back again… Nope. Maybe next year? Yeah, no. Since 1995 I have seen, ONE playoff win… ONE. (And they shouldn’t have even won that game.)

I either went to the wishing well too many times or God is tired of answering my sports prayers, because… Nothing is working.

Not even wearing my Super Bowl XXX hat:

Even when they get close like two years ago there’s that Baaaad man Aaron Rodgers to break my heart again.

But I still had one thing. One thing that worked to cheer me up every single season. “No ring” “Eagles have no Super Bowl” and this perfect meme that always dropped the mic.

Image – Pintest

…But then February 4, 2018. I opened my eyes that morning still with that joke in my back pocket, but before I went to sleep that night I had to put it in the trash. The Eagles won the Super Bowl and my life was changed forever.


Now instead of the no ring joke I am getting crushed with the 23 year drought jokes. Instead of having my beautiful Cowboys SB and ND National Champs banners hanging side by side I have this hanging in between…

I want to go back to a simpler time, a fun time, a winning time! Take me back to the 90’s because frankly… I am scared for my future as a Cowboys fan living in PA.

I guess I am out of wishes from my genie. God hasn’t been answering my prayers. So my only hope is to find Dr. Emmett Brown (close enough to Emmitt Smith) to barrow his DeLorean and go back to the time where I belong…

A time where the Cowboys and I are champs…

…Not the punchline.

But until then I’ll just stare at these..

-Kevin “That Guy”


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