HBD: Streetballer Skip To My Lou

Rafer ‘Skip To My Lou’ Alston turns 42 today. Skip was one of the many favorites of the And 1 Mixtape tour. If you don’t know what the And 1 Mixtape Tour is you need to hop on youtube fast. It was like Survivor but instead of putting out your torch they just dunked on you and kicked you off the bus. It was electric TV in the early 2000’s.

As a white kid that loved basketball but couldn’t done 1/10000000th of the things these guys could do, I was hooked. Check out Skip’s highlights.

And he was like the 5th coolest dude. They had guys like Hotsauce, Half man-Half amazing, the Professor (The white guy), and Spyda. It was pure basketball chaos and I was obsessed with it. HBD Skip.

Featured Image – Slam Mag Online

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