Barstool Beefs: Deadspin Part 237

Eagles vs Cowboys, Red Wings vs Avalanche, Michigan vs Ohio State, Barstool Sports vs Deadspin.  All great rivalries, beefs and hatred over the years with some great moments for each, however when it comes to Barstool vs Deadspin that’s more like the 2001 Miami Hurricanes against The Temple Owls.  It’s never close, one side always wins and they run up the score until 0:00 is on the clock.  In the latest episode of Barstool vs Deadspin episode 237, Portnoy asks if Laura Wagner lost her job, due to the fact that she deleted her twitter.

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A simple question from Dave.  He loves Laura, he is a huge fan.  He wants to know if she is ok.  He is worried about how she will provide for herself and her 283 cats.  Dave as always a stand up great guy with nothing but the utmost respect.

Then…. Unprovoked attacks begin

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Obsessed? For shame from this Susan with 1900 followers and a blue checkmark somehow. She is a gross human being, not by look standards but by human standards.  She just attacks and attacks and attacks.  That’s what they do over there and deadspin.  They take shots, they’re mean and nasty human beings, bullies in fact.  I would go as far to say they should be locked up.  The world is a worse place with having them attack people like Dave, while he’s on vacation no less!  Her attacks would not stop!

Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 9.24.40 AM.png

Cover each other? Susan do you even pay attention?  Deadspin attacks and attacks and attacks and attacks, Barstool has to defend themselves, it’s not easy being a $150million company and a bankrupt failing dead company keeps trying to fling dog dodo at the front gates.  Susan unlike me is a biased and rude reporter of the facts.  A disgusting brute, again not by looks, strictly based on her as a person.  For shame to attack Dave like this, again…. On Vacation no less! Next thing you know that green monster Meg will get involved.


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Oh come on!!! It’s like it writes itself.  They attack Nardini and they attack her for being a powerful women.  Because they in fact are not powerful women, they never really attained goals in life.  They had big dreams yes, but instead of building each other up and trying to make things better for women, they tear down the powerful and successful ones.  Ya see folks, women helping women only works when women do things the way Susan and Meg like.  Meaning you can be your own woman, as long as you do it the way they want.  They don’t care about women being powerful, they care about themselves.  Its really a shame they can’t empower women the way they do at Barstool, and poor Dave who is on vacation by the way, has to read this slander!

Don’t worry though, Dave would have a powerful message for everyone!

Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 9.34.10 AM.png

What a real man.  He is right, for those of us who get bullied, made fun of, hurt and stepped on, keep moving forward just like Rocky said.  A real shame Dave had to make this statement, while on vacation no less and deal with this kind of bullying from unknown bums running bankrupt companies.  From his Nantucket pool under the Nantucket sun dealing with this must have been hard on Dave, who is on vacation.  I sure hope the attacks stop and maybe when Deadspin runs out of their last few quarters they can come work for us at Branded.  We can’t pay them, so they’ll see no difference.

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