Put Me In Coach…

I finally made it. I’m writing for a blog. About fantasy football. I have so many people to thank…

Hi everyone. Bake The Elder here. I’m honored to be Branded Sports’ new resident fantasy football advisor. I’m here to help make those last second lineup decisions less torturous as well as helping you to find those diamonds in the rough from the waiver wire that we all love.

A little background on myself: I’ve been in the fantasy game since 2005 and I’ve pretty much seen it all at this point. I’ve won titles, I’ve had entire rosters depleted by injury by week 2, and everything in between. I’ve gone undefeated, and I’ve wanted to quit fantasy football on multiple occasions. I once spent 45 minutes in a gift shop in Jamaica trying to check my fantasy scores on a laptop that had sub-dial-up speed internet instead of, you know, enjoying my vacation (I actually tied that week by the way, 45 minutes to find out I tied). I’ve spent many Sunday afternoons hurling profanities at the delightful Scott Hanson when things don’t go my way (It’s not you Scott, it’s me). What I’m trying to say is I’m passionate about the game no matter how much it does me wrong.

The emotional toll that a fantasy football season can put you through makes you wonder why someone would even bother playing. The reason: anyone who plays fantasy football seriously is a little sick in the head. But it’s like, a good sickness. The desire to crush your friends and outsmart the league is what keeps you coming back for more. Kind of like that one great drive you hit while shooting 100 on the golf course. Winning a little prize money doesn’t hurt either.

So that’s where I come in.  Helping you to crush your friends and get that dough. Luckily for you all, I’m not married and I have no kids. That means I can devote an embarrassing amount of time to researching football instead of living a fulfilling life. Do you see what I do for you guys? So follow along with me this season and let’s get a title…or wonder why the hell we keep playing fantasy football. Either way.

-The Elder



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