Gary Sanchez is a BUM.

I am a diehard Yankees fan. My veins are actually pinstripes. There is nothing in this world like having a beer at STANS then walking over to the big ballpark in the Bronx to catch the yanks.

So obviously this gives me the Yankee God given right to say GARY SANCHEZ IS A BUM. Not once last night but TWICE did his lazy ass not hustle! You know who always gave 100% and hustled on every play? Jeter, THE CAPTAIN… Which you will never be because you’re a bum!

I understand… “it’s a regular season game” I get “the dog days of summer being a catcher is hard” However, 1. The Yanks are in a fight with the Sox right now and it’s a fight they are losing… Every game matters. 2. The game was at the Trop, inside, air conditioned. Give me a break.

Also Mr. Sanchez you just got back from a nice long break on the DL for pulling your groin, so you are rested. Maybe if you always ran hard, the ONE time you did you wouldn’t have hurt yourself.

If you don’t know what I am talking about, last night against the Rays, the awful Rays, the Yankees catcher gave up twice. First during a 0-0 tie on a passed ball he took his sweet time and let the run score. THEN on the last play of the game down 7-6 he basically walked to first base to end the game, (with a runner scoring to tie the game) my father could have run that out and he’s 69 years old!

You want to see what a real catcher looks like Gary:

Image – Getty

We miss you Jorge.

Also.. To the self proclaimed “Kraken” how about you “release” it? He is batting a whopping .188 season. Are you kidding me? If you aren’t doing your job at the plate then you need to do everything else you can to help the team win! (Maybe call Giambi about that gold thong.)

The best thing about today is the Yankees throwing shade at Sanchez by awarding the Heart and Hustle award to backup catcher Austin Romine.

Gary.. GAR… Listen, you have Hall of Fame talent. You could become a legend in NY. (Or quickly become a villain) so I suggest you get your head out of your ass, hustle on every play and do everything in your power to help this team win.

Because after last night, right now to us Yanks fans you are a bum. Please… Prove us wrong.

Go Yanks!

(Update since writing earlier: Sanchez back to the DL. Still showed no hustle)

-Kevin “That Guy”


Feature Image – Seth Wenig/AP

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