The Top 10 Most Disgusting Awful Injuries Ever!

10. Sid Vicious

I mean…. Ew.  Obviously we know wrestling is scripted but there is some real danger out there.  Sid Vicious breaking his leg made me want to puke,  I had to look away when I first saw this.  I have a question though… Why is this 7 foot mother fucker on the top rope?  Get off the top rope Sid!  Stay on the ground you aint no rey mysterio lookin fucker you ass hole.  Now your leg is more broken then scrambled porn… GROSS!

9. Tyrone Prothro 


Tyrone was probably going to be a decent NFL athlete until his ankle decided it was going to shatter like a glass window and never be the same again.  He was never a huge star but that will always be gross.  It will always make cringe.  When your legacy is that one play you snapped your leg, is that good? I wonder if he gets primo box from that

8. Gordon Heyward


This one is recent and real bad.  You know how I know its so bad?  You can hear his leg snap in the video!!! You actually can hear the leg break!  Impressive microphones though, thats got to be a selling point right?  “Our mics are so good you can hear a leg snap” Hey im no marketer but… $$$$$

7. Clint Malarchuck


I dont have a ton to say on this…. Its GROSS!!! And scary the only one on here that makes me really truly sad…

Lets watch the video…


6. Paul George


Is that a mans ankle at 90 degrees?

That is so bad.. sooo so oooooo ooooo sooooo sooo BAD!!!! Its actually amazing hes ok, He’s still having a great career doing big things good for him, but thats just so terrible.

5. Zach Miller


This is an insult to injury type of injury.  This was a caught pass that was actually called a drop… But look at this guys leg!!! LOOK AT THAT!!! WHAT THE HELL!!! Is he doing the stanky leg? Not to mention he almost lost his leg, not joking they almost amputated his leg.  RIP Zack Miller

4. This Fuckin Guy

Dont know his name, dont care what is it but I do know that he cost his entire country a chance at gold.. hate to see it.

3. Joe Theisman

One of the more famous injuries in the history of sport.  Its so bad that its still talked about.  The video is gross LT’s reaction is shocking.  It’s hard to not cringe when you see it.  RIP to that leg.

2. Willis McGahee


Many who know me know I am a big time Miami Hurricane fan so this one is personal.  Much like Theismann its very iconic.  When you talk about injuries you talk about this one… His knee just went in the wrong direction and its vomit worthy.  This man should have won the heisman that year, could have been a top 10 pick and should have been one of the best, somehow he became a first round pick and had a decent career in the NFL, but that leg bending like that…. ew.

1. Kevin Ware


Without a doubt…. The worst.  His teammates reactions, the opposing team reacting.  The bone PENETRATING his skin like a (insert sex joke here) It’s awful.  And will forever be engrained in our brains

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