Sunday (Red) Funday

God that was a fun Sunday, and it was all thanks to the one and only.. Tiger, Tiger Woods ya’ll.

First I want to say congrats to the first Italian ever to win The Open, Francesco Molinari. I will Be toasting wine to you in Italy in three weeks my friend.

🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹 Molto Bene! 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹

It really was a fantastic Sunday at the Open with a loaded leaderboard. Spieth, Rory, Rose, Molinari and others all within 3 strokes of each other, wow.

…But lets be real, it was all about Tiger. I was losing my mind, you were losing your mind… Everyone was losing their minds!

Sunday was magical, it was breathtaking… But was it real? I grew up watching golf when it was Tiger vs. the field, and Tiger had the better odds. He was an assassin who had ice running through his veins and killed anyone who got in his way with a 5 iron.

He made shots no one thought were possible. He did things on the golf course that made the hair on the back of our necks stand up, and did it all with the biggest galleries golf had ever seen. You either loved him, or hated him… But you watched him. (And that holds true today more than ever.)

Then he got caught cheating with about a billion women. His wife chased him out of the house with that 5 iron he was used to hunting people with, and since then his career has been an injury plagued mess.

It has been 10 years since his last Major Championship win, but still we hold hope. Every. Single. Time. He just makes the cut, we think he’s back.

This, this felt different. Saturday he looked like the Tiger we all loved, he had that walk, that swing, that swagger. Which bled into the final round. He was actually in contention, with that walk, that swagger and… That Sunday red.

He strung us along all day. Hitting shots again no one thought were possible. I felt like a kid again sitting on my couch wearing my Tiger Sunday red screaming at my TV. We Tiger fans didn’t know what to do, and then it happened:

The leaders had faltered and Tiger took advantage. He actually took the lead, in the final round – of a major. “OMG what do we do? This is happening this is happening!” 

@JPop07 and I were losing it!

The feeling was incredible. The smiles were spread across the great US of A! Until they weren’t. Double bogey… Bogey. And just like that instead of leading by one, Tiger was now down by 2. He battled the rest of the day and kept us glued to our TVs for four hours but it still wasn’t meant to be.

Tiger couldn’t make up for the mistakes he made on those two damn holes. He ended up finishing -5, 3 back from the winner, tied for 6th place. That close to his 15th major championship, that close from OUR 15th major with him.

It was a roller coaster and it was exhausting, but Sunday was fun again and it was all thanks to one man. Before Sunday Funday was endless mimosas and brunch, it was endless birdies and Tiger fist pumps, and that’s exactly what yesterday was.

Is he back? Are Sundays back? I don’t know. But yesterday really reminded me how much fun they are and how badly we need him and his Sunday red back… For good.

P.S. Tiger, buddy, I love ya but please never take your hat off. Ever.

-Kevin “That Guy”

Featured Image – Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

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