Shhh, they have to hit a tiny ball into cup that is really far away….

This past weekend was the British Open concluded and of course I was wearing my red on Sunday. Tiger is the best golfer, and his only weakness is women, and people talking in his back-swing. On the 18th hole, a spectator yelled during tigers back-swing and hindered what would have been another flawless drive. I was initially really pissed that this guy purposely tried to mess him up! But, then again every sporting situation or event I am involved in, I try to distract or alter the other persons mindset during our competition.

It is funny to me that there are many situations in sports where people pick and choose what is unsportsmanlike. Here’s a quick list of what is acceptable and unacceptable.


Free throws – The Sixers give away free Wendy’s frosties to the whole damn arena if the opponent misses both foul shots! The Sixers even provide props and noise makers to the people sitting behind the net. I love it!!!

Field Goals – Especially when the game is on the line. When a kicker comes on to the field at the end of the game to pound a 60+ yard field goal on the road, the stadium is rocking to try to alter his concentration. Again, love it!


Pick-up Basketball – When the jabroni guarding you can’t play defense so he yells every time you put up a shot. I HATE those losers! Just put your damn hand up and accept that I am filling it up in your face!

Golf – Just because they have to wear collared shirts and have some many damn rules, everyone has to be quiet during their shots? Bull SHIT! If I have wager on the line and the other guy is close, I am gonna heckle the shit out of him! They are professionals at a game that most people pay to play! You can’t just call up you buddies and meet up with your clubs and play a round. You gotta shell out around $50 to play. Then I understand when people get pissed talking during their back swing because your costing them money!! You talk during my backswing on a par 3, you better give me my $2.77 for that hole because you just wasted my experience of possibly putting it in the cup. $50/18 = $2.77.

Golfers are mentally weak! You hit hundreds of golf balls every damn day! You guys gonna yell at birds for chirping next? Maybe Chubbs should take them to the mini golf course like he did for Happy! Happy Gilmore won the gold jacket with a guy calling him a jackass up and down the course, what’s your excuse?

That being said, that dude is a dick for yelling during Tiger’s backswing! There’s no tolerance for that.

Feature Image – Nat Berman

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